Reading Roundup

If you like what I write, you’ll probably like what I read too.

Plus in my reflections on the NBI I noted that oftentimes I don’t need to post about a topic that’s been on my mind because someone else has done it well already. If I do have anything extra to add, it often makes sense to just add that as a comment to the other person’s post.

Which gave me the idea of doing a roundup of posts and conversations that I’ve found particularly interesting this week.

So here goes…

News and Chat

Thirty thousand Orcs and you

At last we got a better look at LOTRO’s upcoming Big Battles system. This was still a guided tour, and only covered a small piece of the overall Big Battles content, but it fleshed out what we can expect much better than anything we’ve heard so far. And it sounds promising!

There’s a nice discussion of this on LOTRO Players too.

Bio Break’s 27 most anticipated games

I’m not one to follow all gaming news avidly, so this was an intriguing list for me. It prompted me to go read a bit about WildStar, and watch some of the dev videos

Poll: How many MMOs are you playing right now?

Interesting to hear what people play, and how many things they play at once. I’ve been thinking about how many it makes sense for me to play and still be able to do them justice. I might write a post about that sometime.

The Newbie Blogger Initiative

NBI Logo

As the NBI came to an end, there was a flurry of last-minute advice and people taking a look back at the month. On top of that, while I was thinking about the NBI, I went and read a bunch of earlier posts. Here’s a selection of the best:

  • NBI: Write Your Worst Article – Some interesting advice on overcoming writer’s block, accepting that you have good and bad days, and avoiding excessive perfectionism.
  • Squeaking in with advice at the last minute! – I’m not sure if it’s all technically advice as such, more of it is funny and encouraging personal tales! Either way it’s a good and heartening read.
  • NBI: It’s almost over – Four bits of specific advice, which I have started to put into practice. Plus nice shout outs for three blogs, including this one.
  • NBI: Class of 2013 – A handy listing of all the blogs to come out of NBI 2013. Which is not otherwise that easy to find!
  • NBI 2013 – Aftermath Eternal and NBI Aftermath look back at the NBI and look forward to the future. Nice thought about what the dragon is sitting on Joseph!

Food for Thought

The Awkwardness of Games is thoughtful piece on whether games can be art, and comparing them to other forms like books and films.

I read a bunch of posts about what makes MMOs fun, and whether they once used to be much better than they are now. The posts aren’t all new by any means, but I read them all this week out of interest in the topic.

  • MMO Future: Understanding old memories – an interesting take from someone that thinks MMOs really used to be much better, with a lot of good discussion in the comments, even if some of it got a bit tetchy.
  • Skills and flow in MMORPGs is related in that it discusses how challenge relates to fun, and how players can inadvertently spoil their own fun.
  • Is MMO Combat Really That Bad? is a post from someone who likes the challenge of PVP and is happier with combat now than it used to be in past.

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