Black Friday Thoughts

My philosophy is: “Think first, buy later.” This post is what I’m thinking about the Black Friday sales which are already starting, and many of which last up to Dec 2nd or so.

This isn’t a comprehensive look at the sales by any means. The things listed are things I’m thinking about getting myself. The links to offers are as much for my benefit as anyone else’s, so I can find stuff easily again when I decide what to buy.


In the last couple of years, Turbine have saved their best sales for Black Friday itself. You’ve been able to get the latest expansion at half-price, and maybe with an extra-special offer on TP to add to the purchase during checkout. With Helm’s Deep having gone live barely a week ago, it’ll be interesting to see what they do this year.

I haven’t bought the expansion yet. I had enough doubts about the class changes that I wanted to give it a good try on live before deciding. Having done that I think the game is still enjoyable, so if there’s a good offer on Helm’s Deep I’ll probably go for it. If not, maybe I’ll wait til after Christmas, and the next round of sales. After all, I don’t anticipate having a vast amount of playtime between now and then, and for sure there will be more than enough other games to play in the meantime. (And of course, there’s always my many lower-level alts.)

The deals that are up so far are:

I’m pretty sure better LOTRO deals will come along later.

Update – No sign of any deals on Helm’s Deep this time round.

Other MMOs

  • Warcraft -75%

    For $5 you get 30 days game time, and all expansions up to level 85. Not Pandaria, which is on sale separately for $10.

    I’ve never played WoW, and without an exceptional sale there was not much chance of me ever trying it. For $5 it is tempting to go check it out just on the basis that it’s talked about so much by people like Balkoth and Brian of Moderate Peril, and I would at least find out what the heck it is they mean by the things they say!

    Overall I suspect it is too much like the other MMOs I play to be worth my time in the long run, especially with the subscription fees.

  • The Secret World -50%

    There’s no news of a TSW sale yet, but apparently they had a 50% sale for Halloween, so my guess is they will do the same or better for Black Friday. All the cool kids seem to be playing it and liking it, so it’s tempting to give it a go if the price is right. It sounds to be quite a bit different to other MMOs, and I like most of what I’m hearing about it. (Good storylines, challenging gameplay, no leveling, etc.)

    Update – Steam now has TSW and TSW Massive Edition at 50% off until 3rd Dec.

Other Games

  • Skyrim -75%

    I’m sure it’s a fantastic game. But that doesn’t guarantee I would get around to playing it enough to do it justice. I’ve already got a bunch of great games from past sales and from Humble Bundles which I’ve barely touched.

    Update – the 75% off daily deal is over. Still on sale, but smaller discount.

  • Papers Please -50%

    Different and unique game, that’s gotten great reviews. Sounds a strange idea at first, but on sale might well be worth a try.

  • Civ 5 Brave New World DLC -66%

    Civ 5 itself if probably also on sale, but I already have it. It’s a good game with some issues. Sounds like BNW DLC makes it better and fixes some of the not-so-good aspects. The thing is each Civ 5 game takes a very very long time to play, so I don’t play that many of them.

  • The Witcher & The Witcher 2 -75%

If I come across other deals that interest me, I’ll update this post later.


2 thoughts on “Black Friday Thoughts

  1. I’m in the same boat as you – I have 20+ titles I haven’t even loaded with Humble Bundles, etc. Still, so hard to pass up a game for $5 that you know you want to try =)

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