The Morning After the Sale Before

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In my last post I thought aloud about what I was looking out for in the sales. Well, now I’m done with my sales shopping, and to tell the truth I have mixed feelings about it. Hence the title of this post: “The morning after…”.

What I Bought

  • Skyrim
  • Papers Please
  • Hero Academy (Gold Pack)
  • The Secret World (Massive Edition)

What I Didn’t Buy

One thing above all is significant to me: I didn’t buy any LOTRO stuff at all. True there isn’t that much left that I don’t already have and still want. Mainly there’s just Helm’s Deep, which was not on sale. All the same, it feels strange considering LOTRO has been my main game for a couple of years.

I also didn’t buy a whole bunch of other things that were tempting, but those don’t much contribute to my mixed feelings today.

That Morning After Feeling

Here’s the jumble of thoughts and feelings that make up that bittersweet morning after sensation…

Overall, despite restraining impulse buying and taking the time to wait a bit and think first, I spent more than the budget I had set myself beforehand.

I’ve been intrigued about The Secret World for a long time, so I’m pleased I finally got it, and pleased with myself that I waited and got a pretty sweet deal on it. Yet it’s a new game, and who knows how much I will play it in the end? Splashing out for the Massive Edition may prove a great bargain, or a total waste of money.

Now I have a bunch of new games (from the sales and the recent Humble Bundle) which are calling to me to come and play them. Yet they all have their learning curves, and I am aware how I am fumbling around trying to make sense of the basics in them. In Skyrim, my LOTRO muscle-memory takes over and I end up lashing out with a sword when I meant to open a chest. All the games might be very good, but it takes time to get to grips with the most basic stuff, never mind mastering them and enjoying them to the full.

So it may be that I have bought yet more stuff that I will not in fact get around to playing. In other words, I wasted yet more money. (“Eyes bigger than your stomach” is one of the big issues in our times no? Well certainly for me.)

And even if I do end up playing these games a fair bit, inevitably that means I will be playing less LOTRO. Game time is finite, they’re not planning on adding any more hours to the week I don’t think. The idea of less LOTRO time does make me sad. But I can see myself playing a lot of TSW, which is why I went for the Massive Edition.

All of this means maybe my relationship with LOTRO is about to change, at least for some while. I’ll perhaps be seeing less of my characters that are like old friends, and less of the people there that actually are friends, old and new. And less of my beloved Middle Earth. It feels a bit like LOTRO is sailing into the West.

If there had been some kind of sale on Helm’s Deep, or come to that, if it had been priced more reasonably in the first place, things would probably have been different.

So it’s like the morning after the night before. Not quite sure what you’ve gone and done, and where it will all take you. Wondering if you did the right thing, but excited too.


9 thoughts on “The Morning After the Sale Before

  1. Oooo.. good call on TSW. Well worth it, imo. Definitely a different MMO than you may be use to, especially if LotRO is your game of choice, but it’s a a good one.

  2. Do I detect a Shelly Berman reference in the title?

    I managed to purchase nothing at all, since this sale seemed all-too-close to the Winter Holiday sale that will no doubt drop on us in the next two weeks. We shall see how I do when that hits.

  3. Just bought TSW a few days ago when it was on sale (again) went for the bite-sized edition so I could try it out. I’ve logged about 6 or 7 total hours and am enjoying it, but would like to see if you’ve enjoyed your time there, and if you’ve stubled into any “gotchas” as a fellow beginner!

    • I’ll have to finish that draft post I mentioned above! There are quite a few things that weren’t at all obvious to me at the beginning, and plenty of stuff that I’m still grappling with.

      What server are you, and did you join a guild yet? It would be nice to hook up with fellow newbies esp LOTRO-minded ones.

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