Ten Ton Hammer Best of 2013

Best Community 2013

I hate Best-Of posts that make you click through endless pages. So here is a quick rundown of Ten Ton Hammer’s Best of 2013 Awards, plus some observations of my own.

The LOTRO Community

LOTRO does indeed have a fantastic community. It probably takes time for a great community to grow, so LOTRO’s longevity helps. And the Tolkien roots undoubtedly attract a proportion of people to the game that are wonderful community material. There are people who love the lore, and love to share it, and discuss it. There are people touched by the values embodied in Tolkien’s work: fellowship, goodness, service and sacrifice, the power of tales and music, and a boundless love of pies.

The Shire would be one of the pleasantest places to live imaginable, and the LOTRO community is one of the pleasantest MMO communities to live in imaginable.

I have to mention in passing that weirdly one the most fantastic, most helpful and nicest members of that fantastic community is banned from the official forums. Strange indeed. I was going to quote Frodo on how sometimes a person has to lose something so that it may be saved for others. But that doesn’t really fit the situation, so I won’t.

The guy is so nice he asked people not to make a fuss about this, so I won’t say any more. Paradoxically the way he handled being banned is itself a testament to the niceness and maturity of the LOTRO community.

For some of my favorite parts of our great community, see also My Favorite LOTRO Sites.

Best MMO – GW2?

I don’t play GW2, and there is a reason why I don’t play it. From all the stuff I have read about it I have got the clear impression it is as they say “A nice place to visit, not someplace you’d want to live.”

Its strengths seem to be that you can drop into it for half an hour after a gap of months and have fun right away. I can see the attraction of that, and maybe I will give it a go someday. But that’s not all I’d want from my “Best MMO” by a long way, and that does seem to be the main way that people whose tastes are like mine play that game.


I also don’t play Neverwinter. But the more I hear about it, the more it sounds like something to look into and include in my game rotation. From what I hear, like GW2 it is excellent to drop into for half an hour now and then. But it seems it can also be played in many other ways. So this award is one more vote in favor of finding the time to try Neverwinter one of these days.

In conclusion…

Forth Eorlingas! (And Hobbits! And Elves, Dwarves, Breelanders, …)

Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake!

And bring plenty of pie.


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