To Boldly Blog…

Planet Pasduil

If you like what I write, you might be interested to know that I’ve started a second blog.

Planet Pasduil will be a lot more varied in style and topic than Thinking Play, and I’ll probably be posting there much more often than here. Longer and more thoughtful pieces on games and related topics like fantasy fiction will stay here, and hopefully continue at about the same pace of a post or few per month.

On Planet Pasduil, you can expect to find things like…

  • Shout outs to interesting things on the web
  • Snippets of data I want to share or discuss
  • Quotes, photos or videos I liked
  • Short pieces on games
  • Short and long pieces on non-game topics
  • Personal observations on life, the universe and everything

My twitter timeline probably gives you a good idea of the kinds of things that might come up. Possibly topics like….

  • What I made of the Apple launches today

  • Charity giving

  • The irritations of life

  • The culture of sports fandom

  • Data dorkery

If you might like to read or chat about such things, please follow the new blog!


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