NBI 2015 Screenshot Safari – Lothlorien


The city in the trees, Caras Galadhon in Lothlorien.

This is my entry for the Landscape category of the NBI Screenshot Safari. One of the nice things about this event is that it’s given me an excuse to look over all my gorgeous LOTRO screenshots. It’s hard to pick just one view of Lothlorien, never mind pick just one landscape from the entire game!

I like this view because it both gives a sense of the essence of the place – otherwordly beauty combined with simplicity and naturalness – and also helps to understand how it’s physically laid out. It’s one thing to read about mallorn trees, flets, and a city in the trees, and another to visualize what Tolkien intended. LOTRO does a remarkable job of bringing it to life.

This post is part of the Newbie Blogger Initiative 2015, a month of events to help new bloggers get off to a good start. Read more about the Screenshot Safari event here. You’ll find links to other screenshot posts in the comments at the bottom of that post, and via the #NBI2015Safari hashtag on Twitter.

9 thoughts on “NBI 2015 Screenshot Safari – Lothlorien

  1. Which reminds me since I purchased the quest pack I have not explored here…finish Rohan first then back to wonderful woody elf land then onwards to Gondor…

    Maybe a plan forming….

    • Did you get the pack after you were over the level for it? I can’t imagine skipping Lothlorien!

      Admittedly the questing there might not be the best, as the place is after all very peaceful by Middle Earth standards. But you have to go for the views!

  2. A classic! I must admit that Lothlórien crossed my mind as well when I thought of the landscape category and what would be good-looking landscapes in the games I play. (I still play LOTRO, albeit very casually. I just don’t happen to write much about it on my blog as just plain reports about questing are the only topics I can think of, and that’s something I try to avoid generally.) I guess you beat me to it!

    That said, I was initially very disappointed with what Lothlórien looked liked in the game. It was so different from how I had imagined it from reading the books.

    • There’s so many things in Tolkien that I assumed a movie / game / artwork could never get close to depicting in a way that wasn’t just a big disappointment.. And for that matter which I couldn’t really visualize in my mind in any detail. I mean Lothlorien is a land without any stain of evil, something that hasn’t been seen since the Elder Days, and beyond anything we could have ever seen in real life. Not sure how you begin to show that!

      I thought the game did Caras Galadhon really well considering! It didn’t really get anywhere close with Cerin Amroth though, but I’m not sure how you could. I feel the game does Lothlorien much better than the movies did.

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